POLi Casinos

POLi is an expanding online payment option for Australians, allowing them to use their regular bank account to make internet purchases. What’s worth noting about this service is that users download the POLi web browser to make purchases, rather than creating an account. And while this might sound inconvenient, there are plenty of other perks to POLi that make it worth the effort to download the browser. For one, online casino users don’t have to use credit cards since transactions are made directly from your bank account. Also, online casino deposits are made lightening quick through this service.

How POLi Works

The first steps to using POLi include downloading the web browser, and checking to see if your bank supports this service (go to www.polipayments.com). Assuming you’re good here, you can visit an online casino that supports POLi, choose your bank from the supported list, and complete the casino deposit by using your bank account details. Those who want to use this payment solution should note that their operating system must be fairly up-to-date (at least Windows XP), and their browser has to be compatible (at least Internet Explorer 6.0).

Where is POLi Used?

While POLi is heavily used in Australia since it was founded there, the payment solution is also offered to those who live in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Interestingly enough, POLi is only available for Windows users, which cuts down the amount of potential worldwide users by over 10%. However, there still seem to be quite a few people who take advantage of this payment service where it’s allowed.

POLi Ownership and Contact Information

Centricom Pty Ltd is the parent company of POLi, and they have offices in both Australia and the UK. However, the company was first established in Melbourne in 2004, and their official business is stated as electronic commerce. While the company is listed as private, NETeller has acquired some of Centricom’s stakes over the years.

Website: http://www.polipayments.com/

POLi Benefits

We already discussed that POLi enables people to bypass the use of a credit card to fund online casino accounts, and it also helps players avoid having to give out extra details to casinos. This solves the fear that many casino players have about their personal and financial details being seen by crooks. Another benefit to this service is that people don’t have to register for an account through POLi; instead, they download the previously mentioned browser to get started. Finally, your transactions with this payment solution will be made instantly since the money is coming straight from a bank account (unless you use a credit card).