Football Betting

When looking for football betting, we consider the bookmakers that offer the widest range of betting options.

Football is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the world, and people of all walks of life, irrespective of their nationality and financial status, love watching football and betting on it. There is no particular season for football betting; matches are played throughout the year worldwide, providing nonstop entertainment.

Football Bet Types

The top rated online sportsbooks such as the ones listed here make football betting a pleasure for punters by offering a wide range of football bets, betting options, football betting odds, team statistics and match information. If you were to register at one of the sites recommended here, you will find it easy to bet wisely and can try to win big when you take advantage of all their features.

Here are some major types of football bets offered at top online bookmakers:

  • Match Results – These are simple bets placed on outcomes of a particular match. Punters can bet that the away team will win, the home team will win, or that the match will result in a draw.
  • Asian Handicap – This is a special football bet that eliminates all possibilities of a match resulting in a draw by giving the favorite team a handicap.
  • Correct Score – Punters bet on a score, which they feel will turn out to be the final score.
  • Draw No Bet – A bet placed that a particular team will be the winners of a match. Bettors will get back their bets in case of a tie.
  • Odd/Even – Bets placed on the prediction that the sum total of the scores will be an odd/even number.
  • Half Time Result – A bet placed on the outcome of the first half of the football match
  • Double Result – A bet placed on the outcomes of the first half of the match as well as the outcomes of the entire football match.
  • Under/Over – A bet placed on the prediction that the sum total of the goals scored will be either lesser than or more than a pre-determined value.

Popular Football Leagues

Punters can find some of the biggest football leagues in Europe, the biggest of them being the English Premier League, which attracts the largest number of bets. Other popular football leagues in Europe are the Italian Serie A and the Spanish Primera Division, which punters enjoy betting on.

National-level and club-level football matches also enjoy a great deal of popularity and attract a lot of betting. For instance, the Champions League, which features exciting football battles between top teams, is among the most profitable leagues for football betting. The Europa

League is also popular, but is second to the Champions League
The most popular football event in the world is the World Cup, which generates a lot of football betting activity, even among those who don’t usually watch a lot of football.