InstaDebit Casinos

InstaDebit started out as an online banking service for Canadian residents, and has since expanded to include a number of other countries – most notably in Europe. What’s interesting about this payment solution is that Canadians can make purchases directly through their bank account, while residents of other countries use an InstaDebit account, which makes it more of an eWallet to non-Canadians. In either case, this service has proven to be very popular among online casino players across the globe.

How InstaDebit Works

Canadians can make deposits right through their bank account by choosing InstaDebit under a casino’s payment options, then filling out the necessary account details upon being redirected to their bank of choice. Non-Canadians need to create an account at; keep in mind that InstaDebit allows casinos users to both sign up for the service, and make their first deposit at the same time since no pre-existing account is needed. Once you have an InstaDebit account, you can fund it with a credit card, debit card or bank transfer. One more aspect you should note is that casino withdrawals can also be made through InstaDebit.

Where is InstaDebit Used?

InstaDebit is used by dozens of countries, with a heavy emphasis on the European market. Countries that can make real time deposits with this service include Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal and Spain. There are a number of other countries that can do local transfers through InstaDebit too. It should also be mentioned that Americans can neither use this service nor even visit the website.

InstaDebit Ownership and Contact Information

InstaDebit is owned by a privately listed company in Toronto, Canada. The low-profile company lists their business as customer computer programming services and payment solutions. Based on their recent expansion from Canada to dozens of countries, it seems the private company is doing quite well for itself.

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InstaDebit Benefits

For Canadian users, the big benefit to InstaDebit is that your transactions will be made extremely quick since they’re coming directly out of your bank account. In addition to this, Canadians don’t have to share any personal/financial details with the online casino because the money is coming right out of their account. For non-Canada residents, one nice perk to using InstaDebit is that you can save time by not being forced to have a pre-existing account just to make a deposit. Instead, you can sign up for your account, fund it, and make the casino deposit all in the same virtual trip.