MST Prepaid Card Casinos

MST prepaid gift cards can now be purchased from a number of different online merchants. One way of being able to purchase a card is by going to the cashier section of an online casino or sportsbook that accepts MST cards as a payment method. Click on the payment method and you will be redirected to an MST gift card provider.

Are MST Gift Cards Available In The United States?


What Spending Limits do Prepaid MST Cards Have?

There are different valued MST prepaid cards available. The fixed denomination values start from $20. Other values include $50 and the highest is $100. You cannot by a $150 card if it doesn’t exist, but if you specifically wanted $150 worth of credit, you would have to purchase a $100 card and a $50 card separately. There are no restrictions on how many cards you can purchase.

What Payment Methods can be used to Purchase an MST Prepaid Card?

To purchase one of these prepaid cards, you can use credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Several debit cards are also accepted and some prepaid cards can be used when you are purchasing your MST card. Your confirmation that you have purchased a card will arrive in the form of an email with a unique voucher number contained inside the message.

Once I have purchased an MST Prepaid Card, How do I use it?

Visit the cashier section of the website you wish to spend money with (whether it is a poker room, online sportsbook or casino) and look for the MST logo. Once you have clicked on this, you will be requested to enter the unique code. You may need to contact the support of that particular website if you still cannot find the logo.

How long does it take to Process a Transaction Using an MST Prepaid Card?

Transactions are instantaneous. The funds will arrive in your gambling account immediately.

What are the Costs Associated with MST Prepaid Cards?

There is a standard processing fee which is fixed at $5.00. However, there will be no further fees when you proceed to make a transaction using the MST card. In the unlikely event that a card has been purchased but unused for more than one year, there may be a small additional processing charge.

There are some online casinos that will reward players with a deposit bonus when using an MST prepaid gift card. The best way to find out is to view the promotional section of your preferred casino prior to depositing.