Bingo Reviews

Bingo sites come and go at a frightening pace. Find longevity through our in-depth bingo reviews.

Welcome to our online bingo review section. Our number one priority is to make sure that a player knows everything he or she can know about an online bingo site prior to signing up. We try to cover as much as possible within the reviews. Our information is always factual and we try not to be too opinionated or bias towards our favourite sites. We even reveal who the rogue operators are and we advise players to be careful when visiting these sites, or steer clear of them altogether.

Bingo Review Criteria

The reviews are a detailed description of how the website operates. We also reveal information such as what software they use, what special offers they have, what type of customer support they have, how a player can deposit and withdraw funds, plus anything else that we feel a player should know about a site. We make regular check backs as well to try and keep our reviews as up to date as possible.

We have several years of experience within the online gambling industry and have worked closely with many licensed operators to be able to provide players with a comprehensive review guide.

Players are becoming wiser to online gambling sites, and many understand the importance of reading a review for a particular site that they may have been considering signing up to. Reading a review can put a players mind at rest if they are unsure in anyway about a particular site.

Online Bingo Sites Reviewed

We have compiled a full list of online bingo websites who we believe offer a secure gaming environment. If we trust the integrity of an operator, we make sure that you know where to find them. If players have reported issues about an online bingo site, we will also make this known to the wider gaming community.

Some online bingo sites now have a section for other games including instant win games, table and card games and other lottery games such as keno and bingo. We also mention these games in the reviews, plus how good the software is and what particular special offers they may be offering their players.

Our reviewers have spent hours scrutinising these sites. They sample the games, reveal the banking methods, highlight all of the special offers, and assess the customer support by firing a few simple questions at them usually via live chat (if they have this feature). This shows us if the team are helpful or just trying to sell us something. You can usually tell a lot about an online gambling site by their support. It isn’t a good sign if their customer service isn’t up to scratch.

Online bingo reviews are designed to expose what is really going on in the virtual world. Whether the information is good or bad, each review presents the site is the most honest way possible. Online bingo reviews are a very handy tool that players should use as often as possible and reading our reviews one cost you a penny.