Online Casino Games

A mere few paragraphs about online casinos games could not possibly do this amazing industry any justice.

The evolution of online casino games over the last ten years have been nothing short of phenomenal, fueled by a growing market but also by the traditional land based gaming companies forging new online deals.

The net result is that the consider now has more choice when it comes to online casinos, and the games they offer.

History of Online Casino Games

There are a number of groups who claim that they took the first online casino wager and its hard to find evidence either way, but the first real money online wager we are aware of was taken by Cryptologic, a Canadian company founded by two guys out of a garage. From there the indust4y mushroomed quickly with the early front runners being Microgaming and 888. Around the early 2000’s, Playtech and RTG were founded, followed not long after by Wagerworks, a division of the land based games giant International Game Technology and Odds On Gaming (now defunct).

The early online casino had a limited range of games: the typical table games, a few slots and a few video pokers. At the same time, video slots became popular in land casinos and the online casino software companies were quick to market with these new slots. Microgaming, Cryptologic and 888 were the first to launch progressive jackpots and when the first multi million jackpot as hit in 2001, it really launched online slots into the big time.

The industry keep evolving as the race is on to wow consumers with new games and bigger jackpots and we have only seen the beginning of this evolution.

Choosing an Online Casino Game

This is no easy task, with all the choice around. Your location will have a bearing one where you can play, with some casinos locking out players from certain countries for a variety of reasons. Game preference is an obvious factor, but it pays to spend a bit of time investigating two or three different casinos before you make your choice. Finding the type of game you like should be pretty easy, even if it is a specific slots theme.

Reputable Games Software

Not all software providers and online casinos can be trusted. That is an unfortunate reality of this world of online casino games. Fortunately people like us are here to advise on the best choices and point out the casinos that should be avoided.

This section of our site deals with different types of games and the best online casino where they can be played.

Casinos Featuring the Best Games

We recommend these casino highly. They offer the widest variety of games that will suit just about any player, regardless of their game preference and budget.

How To Casino Game Guides

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