Online Casino Software

Online casino game enthusiasts are more spoilt for choice than ever before with such a wide array of software platforms operating in the industry today. Technology innovation, increased demand for new games and the potentially lucrative business of online gambling have been the main drivers in an booming software market.

We appraise the top software providers, their main features and differences and recommend our picks of the best casinos powered by some of the top providers.

Features of Online Casino Software

Dazzling graphics is one thing, but the factors to consider when evaluating online casino software choices go a lot deeper than just the visual aspect (which is obviously important). These are what we believe to be the five most important factors to consider when evaluating the merits of a casino software platform:

  • Security and integrity of the software and games – Online security is as critical in the online casino world as in any other industry, if not more. Players want the certainty that their data is safe, financial transactions are completely secure, and that the can trust the randomness of the games. Many platforms are independently audited to verify their credentials.
  • Game selection and frequency of new releases – While more is not always better, players want choice and want to be entertained. The frequency of game releases vary greatly between the providers.
  • Multi-language, multi-currency support – Players expect games in their language and don’t want to be concerned with currency conversion. Some platforms do better than others in this regard.
  • Game play mode -This may seem a trivial issue but many players prefer to not download the entire casino but rather one game at a time.
  • Developer stability and trust – New software developers come and go. It takes years to establish a track record so it comes as no surprise that the majority of our recommended platforms have been around for many years. The financial stability of the company is obviously paramount. No player wants money stuck at a casino that is not being supported properly. The casinos are in many instances reliant on the software developer for hosting, technical support and even payment processing.

Which Is The Best Software?

So which exactly is the best online casino software? The answer will always be subjective and typically depend on individual preferences which may include game types (some platforms may be better at progressive slots, table games or video poker than others), unique games (such as specific types of slots that may be unique to a platform), download vs non-download games mode to name but a few.

Some players who may like to have access to a wide variety of games and regular new titles will prefer Microgaming (who release four new games each month to add to over 450 titles), or may prefer the well known land casino slots that IGT make available online. Players might also like a specific variety of table games such as multi-player blackjack or 100 hand video poker. The choice of platform will always be personal but the most reliable platforms are those featured on this page and we would suggest that players exercise caution with platforms not listed here.

Top Software Developers

Click on a platform review link to the right where we recommended casino software developers and what we consider to be some of the best choices of online casinos in the market today.