US Racebooks

Cash back is an important consideration when choosing a US online racebook.

The horse betting industry in the US is quite lucrative and popular, featuring innumerable horse racing events with multi million dollar prizes, plenty of online racebooks and betting options, and a great deal of entertainment.

Although the industry suffered a great deal because of the anti-gambling stance of the US and the corruption and criminal elements that infested the industry owing to lack of proper horse betting laws, it recovered and grew into a multi-billion dollar affair, generating plenty of tax revenue for American states and providing jobs for hundreds and thousands of Americans. Thanks to the presence of the American Jockey Club, horse betting in the US is corruption free, safe and secure, lucrative, entertaining, and immensely popular.

Advantages of US Online Racebooks

Bettors can bet on innumerable horse racing events that are held on a regular basis in America. Betting can be done physically or online or over the phone. The US is home to a number of reputed racebooks, where horse betting enthusiasts can get the latest betting odds, check out valuable betting information and statistics, place bets, and win big.

One of the biggest advantages of online racebooks is that bettors can place bets from the comforts of home, totally eliminating the need to get ready and travel long distances just to place a bet.

Even a newcomer to betting can easily place bets at online racebooks because they teach new punters all the basics of online horse betting. Online racebooks provide information regarding horse racing lingo, horse bet types, how to bet online, race track information, horse race analyses, and betting strategies. Besides, online racebooks are homes to attractive betting tools such as wagering calculators and much more, absolutely free of charge.

One of the greatest advantages of US racebooks is the wide choice of racing events and race tracks offered. Punters can check out more than 100 race tracks and bet on innumerable racing events all over the world with just a few clicks of the mouse.

US racebooks also offer fabulous features such as live video streaming, latest racing news, phone betting, mobile betting, and much more, along with 24/7 customer care services.

US Racebook Bonuses

Besides enjoying the above mentioned benefits, online punters stand the chance of claiming attractive bonuses at online racebooks.

Online racebook bonuses include rebates, cash back, match bonuses, free bets, loyalty bonuses, and much more. While some of the bonuses are easily visible on the racebook homepage, others are available only through approved affiliate sites.
Sometimes, online racebooks offer bonuses as part of their promotions, and punters simply have to keep an eye on the promotions page of their favourite online racebook to avoid missing any of these offers.