Horse Racing Betting

Make sure that you pick a bookmaker that has a strong focus on horse racing.

Online horse betting is all about trying to win money by placing bets on horses and horse racing events. A horse race punter bets on the outcome of a particular horse racing event. The horse racing betting market is without a doubt the largest online.

Gamblers who want to do some horse racing betting must first sign up at a reputed online bookmaker or find a trustworthy bookie. Horse racing enthusiasts can also place their bets over the phone since many online sportsbooks offer such a service.

Types of Online Horse Bets

There are several types of horse bets a punter can place online, and here is a brief introduction to some of them.

  • Win Bet – The simplest of all horse bets, this is a bet placed on a particular horse.
  • Place Bet – It is a bet placed on the prediction that a particular horse will be either the first or the second to reach the finish line.
  • Combination Bet – It is a bet placed on the prediction that a group of 2 – 4 horses will finish in a given order.
  • Daily Double – Punters will be betting Daily Double if they bet that a particular horse will win the first as well as the second race.
  • Quiniela Box – A bet placed on 3 or more horses. Punters will win if any two of the chosen horses will finish first or second.
  • Straight Trifecta – Bettors can bet on 3 horses they believe will reach the finish line in a given order.
  • Superfecta – A Superfecta Bet is placed on the prediction that 4 horses will reach the finish line in a given order.

Horse Racing Markets – Short Overview

The horse racing market is the largest in the bookmaking industry, but they function in different ways in different parts of the globe.

Various online horse betting sites cover various sections of the market. Punters can bet on a wide range of Irish, European, English, Australian, and African horse racing events at most of the top UK online bookmakers.

Some sportsbooks even cover horse racing events in Canada and US. Online horse betting sites or racebooks also offer fabulous features such as phone betting, live video streaming, audio, compressive betting guides, statistics and analyses, and so on.

Major Horse Races and Betting

Horse racing enthusiasts can witness several major horse races and horse racing betting throughout the year. Some of the major horse races across the globe are the Breeder’s Cup, a 2-day event in the US; Dubai World Cup, held annual at March end in Dubai; Kentucky Derby, a major US horse race event; Melbourne Cup, the most popular annual horse race in Australia held in November; and St. Leger, a British horse racing event held annually in September.