UseMyBank Casinos

Differing from both eWallets and pre-paid solutions, UseMyBank enables people to purchase goods and services without creating an account. The site operates by serving as a portal for users to connect their bank account and a specific company. For example, not all online casinos allow eChecks from banks, so players can utilize UseMyBank to transfer money directly from their bank account to the casino. Now that we’ve covered the basics, here is a closer look at UseMyBank casinos, and how you can start playing at them.

How UseMyBank Works

Assuming you already have a checking account, you can visit the online casino where you wish to play and choose the UseMyBank payment option. Once you’ve done this, you type in the casino deposit amount, select your bank, enter your bank account details, and then authorize the payment. After you’ve completed this process, you’ll be taken back to the online casino where your credits will be waiting. As you can see, there’s no need to create an account at UseMyBank because the service can be used without one. Plus the service is totally free for players since fees are directed at the online casino instead of the depositors.

Where is UseMyBank Used?

UseMyBank is heavily used by people in the United Kingdom and Canada. In addition to these countries, residents of Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and Australia can also use this service. Based on the growth of UseMyBank, it wouldn’t be inconceivable to see this service offered in plenty of other countries in the near future.

UseMyBank Ownership and Contact Information

UseMyBank Services Inc. owns UseMyBank, and the parent company offers alternative payment processing to clients who want to purchase goods and services over the internet. They’re based out of Toronto, Canada, but they also have offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland and China.

Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 0207 99 36877 (UK)

UseMyBank Benefits

The number one reason why people opt for UseMyBank casinos is because of the fact that they can deposit and withdrawal money free of charge. That’s because casinos are the ones paying the bill since they’re assessed a 1% charge on all transactions. In addition to this, the service offers total convenience since you don’t have to create an account at a third party eWallet, and you avoid having to deal with credit card rejections. Furthermore, the process is extremely easy since players only have to use their online banking information to get things started, and transactions can be completed within a couple of minutes. So the efficiency and small amount of time needed to make deposits at UseMyBank casinos are definitely the big perks of this service.