Cricket Betting

Cricket is one of the sports that it best suited to in-play betting.

Cricket is an immensely popular sport all over the world, and punters have been known to bet lavishly on test matches as well as international one-day cricket tournaments. The very nature of the sport gives rise to a number of exciting betting options not possible with any other sport. For instance, the popularity of T-20 cricket has made cricket betting more popular than ever among not only cricket fans, but also bettors who are not that cricket crazy.

Online bookmakers, which have cashed in on the popularity of cricket betting, offer a wide range of betting odds on South African cricket, English cricket, Indian cricket, New Zealand cricket, Australian cricket, international cricket tourneys, test cricket matches, the Indian Premier League, and almost every other minor and major cricket event organized across the globe!

You can find a list of great bookmakers right here that will give you access to cricket bets with great odds. Besides availing of great betting odds, punting enthusiasts can also gain access to valuable cricket information, participate in promotions associated with major international cricket events, and grab attractive offers from the sites we promote.

Types of Cricket Bets Online

Cricket betting includes a wide range of betting opportunities. For instance, punters can place bets on what they believe to be the best team, best bowler, and so on. Owing to the exciting nature of the game, it offers incredible betting opportunities, something that is not as available in most other sports. Punters can, therefore, bet on winners and losers, scores, best players, and much more.

Here are some of the most common types of cricket bets:

  • Moneyline – A bet placed on the results of a cricket match
  • Match Scores – A bet placed on the number of runs a team might score in a match
  • Top Bowler – A bet placed on a player who might take the largest number of wickets
  • Series Score – A bet placed on the outcome of a series of matches
  • Odd/Even – A bet placed on whether the score will be an odd or an even number
  • Top Batsman – A bet placed on the prediction that a batsman will emerge as the top batsman either in a team or in a match series
  • Series Wickets – A bet placed on the prediction that a bowler will take a particular number of wickets during a match series

Where to get Cricket Odds

There are several places where you can obtain cricket betting odds online. In fact, the biggest advantage of cricket betting online is that it gives punters access to all the betting odds. If you are looking for reliable sites hosting the latest cricket odds, you can check out the cricket betting portals and popular online sportsbooks listed here. .
Besides getting odds, punters can also gain access to odds analyses, team information, match statistics, and other valuable information required to bet wisely.