Amex Casinos

American Express is one of the most widely-used credit cards for all types of purchases, so it should be no surprise that it’s also heavily used at online casinos too. One of the best aspects to using Amex for online gaming is that the company is so reputable and well-known throughout the world. In addition to this, Amex also has a good loyalty program, which rewards users with frequent flier miles and other bonuses whenever they use this credit card to make transactions. Seeing as how Amex is such a good option for online casino deposits and withdrawals, let’s take a closer look at how to use this card.

How Amex Works

Making deposits at Amex casinos is very simple because players only need to supply a few details to an online casino before getting started. Amex casinos will prompt players to type in their credit card number, expiration date and the three digit authorization code, which is found on the back of the card. Once players have entered their details, a bank will hopefully approve the transaction, and it will be time to hit the tables.

Where is Amex Used?

A better question to ask here is, “where isn’t Amex used?” This credit card is used in virtually all countries, which is great for online casino users because chances are that they’ll be able to use Amex to make a deposit. Even still, there are some countries with strict online gaming laws, such as the United States, which place limitations on what transactions banks can approve. So this credit card is sometimes tough to use for residents of certain countries.

Amex Ownership and Contact Information

Amex is listed on the NYSE and is an S&P 500 company.


Amex Benefits

As was mentioned at the outset, one of the biggest advantages to playing at Amex casinos is that players will be dealing with a popular and reputable company. This being said, players get the best of customer service from Amex, along with the piece of mind that they won’t be somehow ripped off by the payment solution/online casino. In addition to this, the company has rigorous standards when it comes to accepting transactions so that casino players are protected from fraud. Unfortunately, this can also cause a minor inconvenience since banks are leery of accepting transactions when the cardholder isn’t available to sign off on the casino deposit. All in all though, Amex is a fairly good payment solution for online casino players.