Keno Casinos

Play keno at these excellent online casinos.

One of the oldest and most loved casino games across the globe is Keno. There are several varieties of this classic numbers game and when playing online, Keno can be played in either the real cash mode or in the demo mode.

The rules are simple. The table is laid out in a grid of 80 numbers, ranging from 1-80. Twenty balls are randomly selected by the system and if the numbers that you have chosen are selected, you will win the corresponding prize.

For example, you can select just one number. If this number comes out, you will win a prize. If you chose 10 numbers but only five came out, you will also win a prize. The prize structure may vary from one Keno casino to another and so will the layout and sounds. The maximum selection that a player can choose is usually 15.

Features may include ‘Lucky Dip’, ‘Turbo Bet’, ‘Repeat Bet’, as well as Clear All Bets, Sound On/Off and many more. Players can alter their stake, which usually ranges from $/£/€0.20 up to approximately $/£/€20.00 per bet. Winnings are automatically added to your balance when the last randomly selected ball pops out.

Some players have their own strategy but the fun lies in finding your own. This game is so fun that you could spend hours trying to reach the big payouts. With all of these additional special features, each player is always in total control of how the game is played.