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Online craps are pretty standard at most online casinos except for betting limits that may vary.

Craps is a fast-paced dice game and usually regarded as difficult to learn, perhaps due to the confusing layout of the table. In fact players will tell you that craps is quite simple to master and basically requires an understanding of how to place bets.

Online craps is generally available in free play mode, as well as real cash mode so if you have never played before, practice in free-play mode first. Occasional multiplayer tourneys are held with chat features so you can connect with other players. Other custom settings include wager limits (for small budgets to highrollers), slow/fast play, and sound on/off options. Outcomes are usually realistic, as online casinos are tested by Random Number Generators.

Played on a uniquely designed table, you will play against the house. Prior to the dice being rolled across the table, you must place your bet by guessing the outcome of the two dice using a variety of betting options. All winning bets will be paid once the dice have stopped rolling.

Craps has two different betting types. Players can place a bet on the immediate outcome of the dice, or over a series of rolls. In other words, players can wager on numbers not coming out for ‘X’ amount of rolls, or they can bet on a particular number being thrown in the next roll. The standard bet is on the pass line. Once the dice are rolled (the come out roll), and the dice are showing a 7 or 11, the player (shooter) usually wins even money. If the dice reveal a 2, 3, or 12, the ‘pass line bet’ is lost. The game continues if the shooter rolls a 4, 5,6,8,9 or 10, making ‘the point number’.

Online Craps

How to Play Online Craps
Known the world over as one of the most popular dice games around, Craps has had a long and colorful history

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