American Football Betting

American football is unique to the US, and no other sports betting enthusiasts wait for the National Football League (NFL) as eagerly as US punters do. US online sportsbooks are literally packed with great NFL odds, NFL statistics, and other information to assist punters eager to bet during their favorite football season.

However, the NFL is not the only American football market offered at US online sportsbooks. US punters are just as interested in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), shortly referred to as “college football,” comprising more than 1000 football organizations and institutions. The Canadian Football League (CFL) is also another exciting market with great betting opportunities.

The advent of the Internet and its many US online sportsbooks has made it easier for American football enthusiasts to check and compare American football odds online, read the latest football news, and get valuable match information and statistics, which will help them place their bets wisely. Thanks to the internet betting sites, US punters can place bets from the comforts of home and win big money.

Types of American Football Betting

There are a large number of American football bets available, and here is a list of the most popular of them.

  • Straight Wager – A bet placed on the prediction that a team will win according to the point spread provided.
  • Totals – A bet placed on the total of the scores obtained by both teams
  • Moneyline – A bet placed on the prediction that one of the teams will definitely win the match
  • Half Time – A bet placed on the results of one half of the match
  • Parlays – A bet placed on multiple teams
  • Teaser – A bet placed on multiple teams as per a point spread adjusted according to the bettors’ desire
  • Futures – Bets placed on the results of football matches that are held annually

American Football Betting Bonuses

One of the biggest advantages of online American football betting is the availability of sportsbook bonuses. Punters who want to place NFL bets online simply have to register a real play account at any one of the online sportsbooks listed here in order to receive welcome offers in the form of free bets, no deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, sign-up bonuses, and others. Some online sportsbooks also offer free bets as rewards for loyalty, and punters can use these free bets for online football betting activities.

However, punters must remember that free bets and sportsbook bonuses are not really free. They need to register a real account and make an initial deposit in order to grab a free bet, and even then, they will have to meet certain wagering requirements within the specified time to withdraw their bonuses.