Online Poker

In a more competitive online poker market, poker players are in the pound seats when it comes to choice.

Online poker is the by far the most popular card game available on the web today. This exciting game can be played in the free play mode, or for real cash. The first ever online poker website paved the way for thousands more that are currently available today. Apart from Texas Hold ‘em, most poker sites also have Omaha, Razz, Stud, or all four.

In 2006, legislation was passed in the US which had a major impact on the game. The new Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) meant that these sites could no longer legally operate. In the US, a dark cloud hung over the game and the term’ Black Friday’ became synonymous with online poker. The game was now under threat.

Online Poker Around The World

One by one, some of the industry’s most prolific online poker sites were attacked and operations stopped. In fact, the F.B.I froze billions of dollars’ worth of player’s funds almost immediately and shut down several sites. US players even took drastic measures by moving abroad to countries that allowed them to legally earn a living from playing poker online, or they moved to countries that simply had no real controls in place. Despite the strict US decision, several sites continued operating and offering their services.

Non-US players are lucky, they can choose from hundreds of different online poker sites. Some of the best online poker rooms in the world today are based in Europe and Australia, but there have been a growing number of reports that other countries around the world are trying to adopt a similar US clamp down with online poker, namely in countries across Europe such as Italy, France, Greece, Spain and Germany.

Types of Poker Sites

Most of the best poker sites have flash poker. This means that there is no download needed to access the tables. If a player has an account, they can instantly launch the game, but they may have fewer options compared with the download version. The table layout and design may also be slightly more primitive. If a player is going to be spending hours at the tables on a regular basis, it’s recommended installing the software for a better gaming experience.

Apart from the poker software, these downloads may also include other casino games such as blackjack, craps, roulette, casino hold ‘em, video slots and maybe games such as keno or scratch cards.

The great thing about most poker sites is that they offer daily free roll tourneys. Players can enter these tournaments for free (sometimes using a token) and can win real cash prizes. The total prize pool for each free roll tournament will vary with each tourney. Players usually have automatic entrance to a ‘New Depositors’ free roll. There are several other ‘invitation only’ free rolls available to players and the cash prizes will vary depending on the site you are playing on and also which poker network you are playing on. A free roll is always worth playing, especially if you are low on funds.