US Horse Racing

Cash back is an important consideration in US online horse racing betting.

Horse racing in the US is very popular, raking in billion-dollar profits and providing job opportunities to thousands of people, besides boosting the tax revenue of several US states. For instance, the Breeders Cup event alone generates horse betting activity worth more than 100 million dollars.

The US harness racing industry is governed, regulated, licensed, and taxed at the state level. A significant cut of every wager placed is absorbed by the racecourse to handle expenses and taxes. Bettors in the US have a wide choice of horse racing events to bet on because horse racing is something that happens on a regular basis in America.

US Harness Racing Betting

A glance through the pages of history will deepen one’s appreciation of the horse racing sport in America. Horse racing gained popularity only after the Civil War although the Americans were quite familiar with horses and racing even before that.
Since the law hardly bothered about horse racing activities, the sport was associated with a lot of crime and criminal elements, which wrecked its reputation to a great extent. This led to the formation of the American Jockey Club, which eliminated most of the corruption in the industry and raised it to the status of a fun and lucrative sport once again.

Horse racing in the US also suffered greatly because of America’s unfriendly attitude toward gambling. However, the industry has picked up at present and the US is home to a number of lucrative horse racing events, which encourage a lot of betting.

Major US Horse Racing Events

The major horse racing event in the US is the Triple Crown, which include the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. Another event called the Breeders’ Cup, an annual racing event, is of equal significance, offering a large prize of $5,000,000.

Interested punters can find plenty of information regarding US horse racing events at horse racing portals. A list of lucrative horse race meets in the US would include Withers Stakes, Spinster Stakes, Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup Stakes, First Lady Stakes, Derby Trial Stakes, Tampa Bay Derby, Rushaway Stakes, Bay Shore Stakes, Illinois Derby, Rebel Stakes, Frizette Stakes, and El Camino Real Derby, to mention just a few.

US Horse Racing Betting Sites

In spite of the unfriendly gambling laws in the US, a number of racebooks allow US punters to place bets on their favorite racing events or horses. Before registering at any racebook online, punters are advised to check out a number of reviews and ascertain if it is licensed and regulated.

The best online sportsbooks in America offer great deposit bonuses, free bets, lucrative promotions, and loyalty schemes, besides giving top priority to safety, security, and responsible gambling.