EntroPay Casinos

Assuming you play at one of the Mastercard or Visa casinos, which pretty much covers everywhere, you’ll also be able to use EntroPay. This is a prepaid virtual card that allows people to make deposits at online casinos, and it’s quite popular because the service is not connected to a bank account. Instead, EntroPay is a hassle-free option that enables casino players to move funds without worry. Since this is one of the bigger online casino payment solutions out there, let’s take a closer look at how EntroPay works.

How EntroPay Works

People need to register for a card at the EntroPay website, www.entropay.com, to get started with this service. Once approved, casino players can go to a Visa vendor and use a credit card, debit card or cash to fund their EntroPay card. Beware that depositing funds into your card through a credit or debit card will rack up a 4.95% fee; however, it’s also worth mentioning that EntroPay doesn’t charge annual fees, so this is the trade-off between opting for a credit card instead. Once you’ve funded the card, you’re ready to visit one of the EntroPay casinos to make a deposit. You can also withdraw money via this payment solution, which is definitely an added bonus.

Where is EntroPay Used?

The great thing about EntroPay is that it can be used virtually anywhere seeing as how it’s connected to credit card giant Visa. A few of the many countries where you can use this service include Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and the UK. However, one place that you can’t use EntroPay for online casinos is the United States.

EntroPay Ownership and Contact Information

EntroPay is owned by Ixaris System Ltd., which is a UK-based company that works to provide payment and financial services to consumers and businesses. They started in 2002, and their crowning achievement remains developing EntroPay, which has risen to become Visa’s number one virtual payment option. Based on the longevity of both companies, this is a very reputable brand.

Website: http://www.ixaris.com, https://www.entropay.com
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

EntroPay Benefits

Like most prepaid online casino options, one advantage to using EntroPay is that you aren’t giving your financial details out to an online casino. Assuming this sort of thing is important to you, then EntroPay wins some points here. In addition to this, those who are afraid of racking up a bunch of debt via credit cards won’t have to worry about this with EntroPay. That’s because you can’t spend any more money than what’s already in your account since it is prepaid. Finally, there are plenty of casinos that accept this payment option since it can be used at all Visa casinos.