Ticket Premium Casinos

Both Ticket Premium and Surf Ticket are under the Ticket Surf International brand, and they offer voucher services to players. Basically, this breaks down into people buying vouchers from land-based locations in available denominations, and using them to make purchases. Fortunately, this includes online casino deposits, which appeals to those who either can’t/or don’t want to use credit cards and online banking as a payment solution. If you fit into this category, then you might want to take a closer look at how Surf Ticket and Ticket Premium casinos work.

How Ticket Premium Works

Those who opt to use either Surf Ticket or Ticket Premium need to find a land-based vendor that offers one of these services. Once you do, you’ll find that Surf Ticket is offered in €10, €20 and €30 denominations, while Ticket Premium is sold in €25, €50 and €100 units. What you’re buying here is a printed ticket (with a paperless receipt) that features an 11 or 14 digit code. You can use the 11 or 14 digit code to deposit at online casinos by selecting the Surf Ticket or Ticket Premium payment methods. Once your code is entered, you can also choose how much of the card’s value you want to deposit.

Where is Ticket Premium Used?

There are tens of thousands of outlets across the world that sell Ticket Premium and Surf Ticket vouchers. France is probably the biggest spot for these vouchers since there are almost 30,000 outlets selling them, while Algeria, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Morocco, Poland, Polynesia, Senegal, Switzerland and Russia also have locations that sell them.

Ticket Premium Ownership and Contact Information

Both Ticket Premium and Surf Ticket are owned by a French company called Ticket Surf International, which holds the dubious distinction of being the first commercial company to obtain an e-money printing license from the Bank of France. Seeing as how they‘ve gained such trust from the Bank of France, Ticket Surf International is considered a very reputable company.

Website: http://www.ticket-surf.com/

Ticket Premium Benefits

As previously stated, both Ticket Premium and Surf Ticket are excellent for people who want to deposit at online casinos without using online banking services or credit cards. Furthermore, some people may not have access to internet banking or credit cards, so the Ticket Surf International services give them an outlet to still play online casino games. Assuming you’ve ever used vouchers in the past, not all of them allow you to only transfer a portion of the money during a transaction. However, these vouchers services enable you to move just part of the money onto a casino, and spend the rest in whatever way you like. For example, if you bought a €50 voucher, you could deposit €30, and spend the other €20 elsewhere.