Sic Bo Casinos

Sic bo is simple to learn and hugely popular in Asian casino.

This ancient Chinese gambling game has been modernised and brought to your computer by some of the industry’s best software developers. Sic Bo is a three dice betting game. The game is displayed as a table of different odds.

The layout and design of the tables may vary from one online Sic Bo casino to another, but the rules will remain the same wherever you play it. Some of the more advanced versions of this game have 3Dimensional dice being shaken, together with impressive sound effects and stunning graphics.

The main objective is to select individual numbers or combinations of numbers that players think will appear after all three of the dice have been shaken. The lowest wins begin with ‘one of a kind’ on one, two or three dice. Three of a kind (of any specific number) will land you odds of 180 to 1.

Prior to launching the game, players can set their own wagering limit. When placing a bet, simply hover over the desired area and then click to add as many chips as you want (within the table’s limit).

The rules are quite straight forward and the game itself is fast paced and very exciting. There are now several Sic Bo Casinos online today, each offering players the chance to try and beat the house. Players can check out the game’s paytable whenever they want in order to learn the winning combinations and the corresponding odds.