Baccarat Casinos

Most Baccarat Casinos offer high and low limit games.

Baccarat can be found at most online casinos today. This card game is known for being one of the oldest and simplest casino games in the industry.

There are several different versions of the game but each version follows the same fundamental principles. Baccarat is also known to be one or the most sophisticated of all the card games.

In this game, two hands will be compared. One of the hands belongs to the player and the other hand belongs to the banker. The game also has the possibility of ending in a tie. Each card has a value, but in Baccarat, 10’s J’s, Q’s and K’s are worthless. Ace is equal to one point and numbers 2-9 are worth their face value.

The objective here is to be the player with the total value of their cards being closest to 9. If you are dealt a 10 and a 9, this hand is called a ‘natural 9’ and the best hand you could be dealt. An 8 and a 2 would equal zero points. First of all, four cards will be dealt, two for the banker and two for the player. If a player has a low total, he is likely to draw another card to try and get closer to 9.

This is not such a fast paced game and the baccarat casino software will take care of everything from dealing to collecting winnings, players just need to set their wager limit and place their bets.

Microgaming Baccarat Casinos

The main difference between Microgaming Baccarat and other providers is that Microgaming uses only one desk. They also have separate high limit and low limit games.

Playtech Baccarat Casinos

Playtech Baccarat offers multi-player mode with chat, a nice feature for Baccarat fans.

RTG Baccarat Casinos

RTG (Realtime Gaming) baccarat uses a mini-baccarat table. These are some of the best RTG baccarat casinos.

Cryptologic Baccarat Casinos

Cryptologic caters for small and large budgets.

Top Game Baccarat Casinos

Top Game Baccarat is of exceptional quality as with all their games. These are some leading Top Game baccarat casinos.