Click2Pay Casinos

The one big drawback to using credit cards for online casino banking is that you always run the chance of being rejected – even if you have sufficient funds to cover the transaction. That said, many casino players are opting for payment solutions such as Click2Pay, a pre-paid e-wallet solution. Assuming you’ve been declined while trying to deposit with credit cards before, or prefer not to use your credit card online, you should definitely consider looking further into the advantages of Click2Pay.

How Click2Pay Works

To begin using Click2Pay, players need to visit the website and create an account. After the account has been created, users will be able to deposit funds using a credit card, debit card or bank wire. When the account has money in it, people can then visit the desired online casino and choose Click2Pay for their deposit method. From here, players are taken to the Click2Pay login screen, and they enter a PAN (Personal Identification Number) to move funds into the casino. As you may have noticed, this process is quite similar to what’s done with eWallets; however, the notable exception is that Click2Pay is not an online banking service. Fees are incurred while both depositing and withdrawing money from Click2Pay, and the charge is 3% (credit card) or €2.50 (other methods) for deposits, and €10 for withdrawals.

Where is Click2Pay Used?

Click2Pay is one of the bigger casino payment solutions out there since they cater to dozens of countries. Some of the countries that can use Click2Pay include Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Switzerland and the UK. Interestingly enough, one notable country that can’t use Click2Pay is the United States.

Click2Pay Ownership

Click2Pay is owned by a German-listed company by the name of InfoGenie Europe AG, and they’re run by a technology company called Wire Card AG. InfoGenie Europe AG is one of the bigger companies on the German stock exchange, and they acquired Wire Card AG in 2010.


Click2Pay Benefits

The main reason why Click2Pay is so popular for online casino transactions is because users don’t have to worry about having transactions declined like with credit cards. But they get the same kind of protection as with a credit card because this isn’t a bank account. It’s worth adding that withdrawals made through a debit card are instant; however, requested checks can take up to a week to receive. Please note that Click2Pay users have limits put on their weekly expenditures too, so if you’re looking to place some big bets, this could hamper you.