Ukash Casinos

Ukash is a pre-paid voucher solution that enables people in various parts of the world to make online casino deposits and other purchases. People need to get the vouchers from land-based stores that offer the “e-pay,” “PayPoint,” and “Payzone” signs, and the vouchers can be purchased in various denominations. What’s nice about Ukash is that it doesn’t require users to enter any banking information on websites, and credit cards aren’t involved either. With the basics covered, let’s take a look at how to use this service.

How Ukash Works

The Ukash process starts by visiting an authorized retailer or sales terminal that sells these vouchers. You can purchase a voucher worth up to £500/€750, and each printed slip includes a 19-digit code that’s used to make purchases. So in the case of Ukash casinos, you would select the Ukash payment method from a list, and type in your deposit amount and 19-digit code to complete the deposit. Assuming you use the full amount of the voucher to make your purchase, you’re finished; however, if you don’t use all of the money, you’ll be issued a new “change” voucher that can be used in the same manner.

Where is Ukash Used?

Ukash is used in 33 countries across the world to purchase online goods and services. Some of the locations where Ukash voucher-selling stores exist include Australia, Canada, South Africa, and multiple countries in both Europe and South America. Seeing as how the service is based out of the United Kingdom, it has an especially heavy following here.

Ukash Ownership and Contact Information

London-based Smart Voucher Ltd owns Ukash. Smart Voucher opened Ukash in 2005, and the company has expanded quite a bit since its inception. Also, the South African-based company Blue Label Telecoms also became a partner in the site. It’s worth mentioning that Ukash is regulated by the United Kingdom’s Financial Services Authority.

Email: Both sites have contact forms on their website
Phone Number: +44 (0)20 7089 4072 (Smart Voucher fax number)

Ukash Benefits

What’s good about Ukash casinos is that players don’t have to open a special eWallet account to use their credit card for depositing; instead, they only need to have money handy to pay the desired voucher amount. Going further, this is nice when depositing too because you’re not giving a third party site or the online casino your financial details. Another big benefit of Ukash is that the voucher limit is so high (£500/€750) in comparison to other services. This means that high rollers will be able to make larger first-time deposits, and take advantage of bigger signup bonuses than with what’s seen from other voucher services.