UKash Expands in Argentinean Gambling Markets

Argentina Welcomes UKash Payment Method Over 100 outlets sell UKash vouchers in the South American country.

UKash, considered by many to be one of the most convenient ways to fund their online gambling accounts, has announced that it is expanding into the Argentinean market.

Although UKash facilities have been available to players in Buenos Aires since last year, according to the announcement by the popular online casino payment method, its services will be now expanded across the South American country.

UKash’s agreement with More in Argentina means that over 100 outlets across the nation will be able to sell UKash vouchers to players, who in turn can use them to fund their online casino accounts.

“Our research indicated that UKash is perfect for the Argentinean market,” said the Chief Executive Officer of, David Hunter. “For example, over 60 percent of the population has access to the internet regularly, with rates of internet access and e-commerce growing. Bank account penetration in Argentina is relatively low, with cash transactions accounting for 42 percent of all purchases, compared to just 4.6% card transactions.

“For all these reasons, we knew the opportunity to play online using cash would be well received, and that UKash could provide a safe, secure and convenient solution for many player’s across Argentina,” he added.

UKash Improves Danish Services

The online casino payment group, UKash’s expansion into Argentina comes hot on the heels of the news that UKash would also be improving its services to the Danish market.

According to a press release by UKash, cash consumers in Denmark are now able to get UKash vouchers from 7Eleven convenience stores. A deal signed with Convenient Card makes UKash available from terminals which are found in around 200 branches of 7Eleven in Denmark.

Danish players can purchase UKash vouchers in denominations of 100, 300, 500 and 1,000 DKK for cash. They are then handed a UKash 19 digit PIN, which they can use to fund their online casino accounts, or to purchase anything else online where UKash is an accepted form of payment.

UKash Provides Safe Payment Options

UKash allows players to use their cash to send money on the internet. No bank account or credit card is needed in order to use UKash, making this an extremely discreet method of playing or purchasing online.

To use UKash, players simply purchase a UKash voucher of a particular value, decide where to use it and then spend the money. This payment method is considered extremely safe and secure and is a favorite form of banking for online gamblers.

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