iDEAL Casinos

iDEAL is a very popular online banking method that enables casino players to deposit and withdrawal money in the Netherlands. What’s nice about this service is that payments move directly from one’s bank account, and the process is extremely quick. Perhaps the only major limitation to iDEAL casinos is that players need to be members of select banks to use the service.

How iDEAL Works

When you’re looking through online casino payment options, you should select the iDEAL symbol/text to initiate a deposit. Once you’ve clicked the emblem, you’ll be taken to your regular Dutch bank account, and you have to enter your account number and sign off electronically. Assuming you have enough money to fund the transaction, your deposit will be completed instantly, and you’ll be able to start playing real money casino games right away.

Where is iDEAL Used?

As mentioned, iDEAL is strictly used by residents of The Netherlands. Furthermore, there are a limited number of participating banks with this service, and they are ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING Bank, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank and Van Lanschot. For anybody who is already a member of these banks, iDEAL casinos are definitely worth trying out due to the benefits we’ll discuss later.

iDEAL Ownership and Contact Information

iDEAL is owned by another Dutch organization called Currence. This company was started by a group of Dutch banks that wanted to better facilitate payments between banks and payment providers. Besides iDEAL, Currence has also experienced a great deal of success with their other properties like PIN, Chipknip, Acceptgiro and Incasso, and they continue to be a leader in the online banking sector.

Email: A contact form is offered at Currence, only an FAQ section is offered at iDEAL’s website.
Phone Number: +31 20 305 19 00 (Currence)

iDEAL Benefits

As over 50% of Dutch online buyers can attest to, iDEAL is one of the best payment options on the internet. After all, it’s quick, easy, money is moved instantly, and unnecessary third parties are left out of the equation. Going further, people only have to enter their account number and sign the transaction digitally; this is one less step than most online banking systems have since they also require players to enter a transaction ID (sent via email). The drawbacks to iDEAL are that players have to be members of select Dutch banks, and there are no chargebacks, meaning all transactions are final.