Envoy Casinos

Envoy hails from the UK, which is somewhat of a goldmine for reliable online casino payment solutions. The original idea behind Envoy was for businesses to be able to collect direct payments from local merchants at a cheaper price for both parties; however, it’s since expanded to become a way of depositing at online casinos. Seeing as how Envoy has a broad reach outside of online gaming, it’s looked at as a pretty universal payment solution. Of course, what we’re most interested in is Envoy’s relationship to the online casino world, so let’s cover the basics on how this payment method works.

How Envoy Works

Envoy is somewhat different from other payment solutions because it enables players to choose from bank transfers, pre-paid cards, payment vouchers and eWallets that are local to their country/region. For example, if you were from Canada, you could select the eWallet known as InstaDebit to make an online casino deposit; or if you were from Australia, you could use a service called Bpay. You can also use Envoy to withdraw money from a casino and put it into your bank account. In essence, this payment option is a link between online casinos and lots of different local payment services.

Where is Envoy Used?

Envoy is used all over the globe since countries in six different continents use this service. Some of these countries are Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the UK. It’s worth noting that residents of the United States aren’t offered this payment solution.

Envoy Ownership/Contact Information

WorldPay (formerly known as RBS WorldPay) owns and operates Envoy. WorldPay has been in the financial services game since the 1980’s, and they’ve grown by acquiring other companies over the years. Their most recent acquisition includes Envoy, which happened in 2011, and both companies have benefited greatly from the deal so far.

Website: http://www.envoyservices.com/
Email: Contact form on website

Envoy Benefits

Seeing as how it would be too costly/time-consuming for online casinos to accept every little local payment option from various countries, EntroPay is a great help in bridging this gap. So many people who play at Envoy casinos will be able to use their local payment services than at the average online casino. In addition to this, variety is definitely a big perk to this payment solution because players have access to eWallets, cash vouchers and prepaid cards – rather than being confined to just one of these payment types. Furthermore, Envoy gives people the opportunity to try out new options when depositing/withdrawing money since so many are available.