Abaqoos Casinos

One of the newer payment solutions for online casino users is Abaqoos, which is a virtual wallet (eWallet) that can be used on the internet and with mobile phones. Abaqoos is one of the growing eWallet’s in the online gaming sector – though it can be used for a variety of other online purchases and services. One definable quality of this payment solution is that funds are instantly moved from Abaqoos to an online casino, rather than having to wait. However, people should also note that this eWallet is less frequently offered in online casinos in comparison to some of the other payment solutions because it’s only for Hungarians. Now that we’ve covered the basics, here’s an in-depth look at Abaqoos.

How Abaqoos Works

Players who want to use Abaqoos casinos need to first register at at the Abaqoos website by filling out the form there. After players have entered the necessary details, they’ll be able to fund their Abaqoos account through a debit card or bank transfer. Once the funds are in the Abaqoos account, players can then visit the online casino’s Abaqoos section to deposit or withdraw money; the casino should provide deposit/withdrawal instructions for users. People are not charged fees upon depositing with this eWallet, but they will be charged a small fee when withdrawing money from Abaqoos.

Where is Abaqoos Used?

Abaqoos is exclusively used in Hungary, and it’s a very popular online payment option for casino players in this country. Hungarians who use Abaqoos will be able to deposit money into their Abaqoos account by using mobile banking, e-banking and call centers. In addition to these methods, residents of Hungary can also use direct bank transfers from the Budapest Bank, CIB Bank, ERSTE Bank, K&H Bank, Magyar Posta, MKB Bank, and Raiffeisen Bank.

Abaqoos Owners/Contact Information

Abaqoos is owned by a Hungarian company called E-Group, which operates other successful online companies as well. Besides Abaqoos, E-Group also owns the China UnionPay and CORIBA companies. They provide a number of other services too, and are a highly-respected company within the online payment solution industry.

Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Phone Number (E-Group): (+36 1) 371-2550

Abaqoos Benefits

The nice thing about Abaqoos is that this service is prepaid, so casino players don’t have to go through some ridiculous credit assessment process. Another perk to Abaqoos is that casinos can’t access a user’s financial or personal details, so there is virtually no fear of being an identity theft victim. A third benefit to this payment service includes the immediate transfer of funds to your casino of choice. This differs from some eWallets, where you might have to wait several days after funding your casino account to see if it’s approved.